Saturday, 1 October 2011

Summer Film Ideas

The idea for my final film came about after many many weeks of doodling and sketching. I had bought a new A5 sketchbook, and in it I would sketch any number of things that came to mind. So instead of diving straight into my chosen idea ("Babbit"), I want to also present my other ideas that didn't get built on, as I hope that they will still provide some helpful ideas for further story development in "Babbit".

Note: Apologies for the quality of some of the images uploaded. I will go through and re-upload A.S.A.P.


I attended the Annecy Animation Film Festival in June of this year for the first time. It was an incredible place, and I left feeling inspired and excited. During the visit, I visited the comic book shop in the main building almost every day. In the last few days I found a really beautiful graphic novel "Le Gout Du Chlore" (The Taste Of Chlorine) by Bastien Vives. It got me interested in showing this in animation. So lots of my very first ideas involve a swimming theme. 

Historical Era...

Some ideas involved characters in a Victorian/Edwardian time period. A maid servant stealing a child she believed she loved more than its real parents...... A brother/sister relationship as a young heiress to the throne deals with the pressures of growing up......... Another maid/ young princess relationship story....(etc)


Although I am no way near a dancer, I love the world of dance/ballet/etc - A film of dance would be a challenge. I would want to do something dynamic and powerful.


Taking from my own childhood, another ideas was to show a character discovering the world of the stage/theatre/musicals...Or..A girl who comes out of the theatre for the first time and then witnesses the world around her becoming a "show". (Inspired from the famous phrase; "All the world's a stage".)

Other Ideas... 

I had other ideas that were merely written down.. Here are some:

- A cake-shop baking rivalry. Two shops opposite each other try to out-bake one another, leading to disastrous/hilarious consequences!
- A young teenage school girl - shy, quiet - who bakes at school in break and lunch-times to get away from bullies...
- A series of different school-set homework projects (ie: Easter homework could be to decorate your own bonnet). The parents of the children become obsessed with making their children look good, so take over the projects, more competing against other children's parents than simply helping their child do their own homework. Costumes for fancy dress, cake sales etc... Hilarious consequences..!
- Animating an Opera song...
- A large woman....(no story decided..)
- "Bring Your Child To Work Day". Hilarious situations ensue...

So from these sketches and ideas, I can identify a few common features.. 
- Children feature heavily in my work. I love the world that children live in and I love theideas of emotional transitions and/or situations for children to deal with
- Something dynamic as well as funny, I want it to have strong animation which really plays with strong emotions, but I also want it to be light-hearted, charming and funny.

Next Post: "Babbit" sketches and ideas.


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