Wednesday, 23 November 2011

A Quick Forgotten Sketch/Story Development Idea!

On Monday the 7th of November I had a brief meeting with our tutor, Matthew, to briefly go through my story ideas... This was the week I had started animating the Mollie and Babbit walk cycles.

At this point I was still stuck on the middle section of my film; specifically, how I was going to depict Mollie as shy and embarassed and why Babbit's love and comfort is so important for her...

Matthew suggested I draw some early school situations, drawn from my own memories or just my own ideas of how a shy child would feel uncomfortable, nervous and unconfident.

He suggested some P.E. situations, such as Mollie being chosen last in a class doing a school sport... Also, having Mollie being "picked on" for her lunch items, for her hair cut, I played with these idea and drew a few sketches... I most prefered the P.E. situations, as thses would come across strongly in the film and would provide an excellent oppurtunity for character performance!

 I especially liked the drawing of Mollie in her P.E. uniform holding a tennis racket, though I feel she looks quite a bit older than she should. As I want Mollie in the film to look around 5 years old, I think that schools would probably encourage slightly easier sports activities for their lessons... This exercise presented some very insightful little scene ideas which I will incorporate for my next storyboard.

Matthew also suggested I get in contact with a local Primary school to ask whether I can visit for a day or two to perhaps observe the Primary school environement so I could get some first-hand research for my film. I have not yet found a school to contact, but I will hope to do so very soon. If I do not get the chance to do so by the end of this term, I will try and visit a Primary school during my Christmas holidays (and before those schools break up too!)

Next post: A New Storyboard and Animatic with Feedback!


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