Sunday, 5 February 2012

Backgrounds, 2nd/MA help, animating etc...

The week before I was due to start animating (according to my own production schedule) I began to draw my backgrounds. These are a selection of the backgrounds I was able to draw in a week.

I then started to animate. I wanted to start relatively slowly, to get into drawing the characters and to get used to the style and speed I could draw, etc. So I began with a few of the easy shots in the film, the still shots. These require "boiling", so these shots need three frames in order for it to boil successfully without stuttering or looking static.

As well as this, we were given the opportunity to present our films to a class of second year and MA animation students to ask for help on our films.

I split the "help" into three roles. Either background digital colouring, frame clean-up and colouring, and animating background characters with key frames provided by me.

I was lucky enough to receive six willing students to offer their help which I was very pleased with. They stated which aspects they were most interested in, and we exchanged details. I will be preparing work for them to do as soon as possible, as I plan to focus solely on my dissertation after Monday 6th February for a week and a half. In this time, I will assign tasks for a few of the students to do. This will be the background colouring and the animation tasks mainly, as the frame clean-up and colouring is going to need a little more refinement until I am happy to assign them to the help.

All in all, a busy few weeks, but very successful and hopeful! Might be able to finish this film after all!

I'm really excited to be working with these students and to get going on everything properly!

After the week and a half assigned to dissertation writing, I will then solely focus on my film, as long as the dissertation is up to a decent standard and I can get it bound and then forget about it!

I'm confident in sticking to this and being able to get this done!


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